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The following sessions will be presented at the virtual conference.  A detailed program will be published soon. 


Presenting original work in 3D Web research and applications.


Presenting results of ongoing or recently completed work in 3D web research and applications.


Presenting introductory and advanced applications of 3D Web technologies to students and to experienced practitioners. Tutorial subjects include practices for authoring interactive 3D scenes and in using 3D graphics in diverse application areas.


Provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from both the Web and 3D multimedia communities to discuss and exchange positions on current and emergent 3D web topics. Workshops are presentation sessions moderated by workshop organizers or open discussions of new knowledge on a specific topic of interest.


Presenting work from  artists, content designers, and developers on their innovative 3D works. Artworks and applications developed on various platforms, including the web, desktop, mobile and VR/AR systems will be presented.


Practitioners will demonstrate how 3D web technologies may be used in industrial applications. A special track during Web3D 2020 will be devoted to industrial use cases to share inspiration, best practice and requirements of using 3D in various application domains.


Provide a meeting for researchers and practitioners from both the web and 3D multimedia communities to discuss and exchange standardization issues on current and emergent 3D Web topics.


This annual competition is dedicated to showing how HAnim and X3D graphics standards can be used for creating animated music videos. The competition is organized by the Korean Standards Association (KSA) and Web3D Consortium. For competitors, attendance at the conference is not mandatory, but is encouraged.